Anti-Aging2U Sdn Bhd is global wellness product company with cutting edged with biomimetic peptides and growth factors  and we are master distributor for New Zealand sheep placenta in Malaysia & Asia Pacific's region. 

9 years of experiences in sheep placenta researches & development, marketing, promotion and educations.



Customized Products to your enquiry specific.


We sincerely appreciate having the opportunity to welcome you as a Mega Alpha dealer partner. With this relationship, we will continue to lead the way……with Mega Alpha.


We supplies to major independent pharmacy in Klang Valley to serve every regular customers. 
We believe in creating mutually beneficial long term relationships with our customer. Therefore, our commitment to the growth of your satisfaction of beauty is very important to us.

We Supply:

Food Supplements

Personal care

Skin care products and Accessories 

QC Laboratory

All these tests are conducted to ensure that we produce only top quality products that are within the specifications of our customers
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